How to Sign a Will

How to Sign a Will

Following these simple steps after creating your will with Click a Will ensures that your estate planning journey is complete and that your loved ones will be well taken care of when the time comes.

Step 1: Create Your Customized Will

Generate your will using Click a Will’s intuitive platform.

Take your time to review and customize the document to your specific requirements. Carefully enter your personal details, choose your beneficiaries, and specify how you want your assets to be distributed.

This is a crucial step, as it ensures that your will accurately reflects your intentions.

Once you are satisfied with the final version, download and print a copy to be signed.

Step 2: Execute the Will Alongside Two Witnesses

To make your will legally valid and enforceable, it must be signed by yourself and witnessed by two individuals who confirm the signing with their own two signatures.

It’s strongly recommended that your witnesses are not beneficiaries or spouses of beneficiaries mentioned in the will.

Professionals that are experienced in matters of estate planning can ensure that the testator (you) fully understands the contents and legal implications of the will at the time of signing.

Click a will recommends and offers an optional independent professional witnessing service for this important step. By opting to proceed with the professional witnessing service, you create a strong defense against any potential disputes or challenges to the will’s validity.

Professional witnesses also play a crucial role in ensuring that the persons who may be left out of the will understand the reasons behind your decisions. This transparency can prevent conflicts and provide a clear understanding of your intentions and beneficiaries.

In the event that someone contests the will, having it properly witnessed by a professional in estate planning matters can be instrumental in upholding your wishes.

Step 3: Store the Will in a Safe Place

The security and safekeeping of your will are of utmost importance. You should ensure it is safe from unlawful destruction or tampering by aggrieved parties.

We highly recommend storing your will with a lawyer. Lawyers are equipped to protect your will against unlawful destruction attempts or tampering by aggrieved parties. Click a will also offers and recommends this optional service at check-out.

In addition, by entrusting your will to a professional, you ensure that it remains confidential and that its contents will only be disclosed as required by law or your instructions.

Additionally, you should inform your chosen executor or a trusted family member of the will’s location and how to access it when the time comes.

Keeping your will in a safe and easily retrievable place will make the process smoother and prevent any delays in executing your estate according to your wishes.


You have successfully created your will with Click a Will!

Your estate is now secure, and your loved ones will be provided for according to your wishes.

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